This is the 117th song in the Key of Awesome series.

Description Edit

Ed Sheeran attempts to woo his boxing coach by focusing entirely on her body.

Cast Edit

  • Steve Conroy - Ed Sheeran
  • Yaya Williams - Boxer Girl
  • Viet Vo - Sumo Wrestler
  • Jonathan Ercolino - Boxer Guy 1
  • Ray Cuadrado - Boxer Guy 2
  • Mark Douglas - Ed's Trainer

Lyrics Edit


Guitar isn't the best way to write a banger

So a Sia track is what I stole

All that you need is a simple xylophone and a little bit of reggaeton

And this video concept is me and this hot chick

We're boxing and snogging in track pants

But it's sort of disjointed and misses the point when the lyrics and the shot don't match

Like if I sang

Now we're eating Chinese food

And we're skydiving nude with Katy Perry

But we sat here drinking tea

You'd say, "What's even happening?"



Boxing moves

Don't hit me face or any place I've been inked

I'm sick of all this training

I've gotta tell you something, it's true

I'm in love with the parts on you

Specifically your butt cheeks and boobs

I guess your face will have to do




It's attached to dat body

That reaction was quite rude

No big deal, I still feel your boobs

Even though you broke my heart, my nose and tooth

I wanna marry dat booty

Ooh ahh ohh ahh err ahh ohh why?!

Hey no fair, that's karate

Oh my, you just broke my whole thigh

But it's kind of erotic

Oh, you almost poked out my eye

This is not proper boxing

Sorry baby if I made you feel reduced

I just forgot there's a face on you

One week later, I forgive your behavior

And I'm finally able to walk

Well I'm still kinda iffy on just why you hit me

But I'm still in love with your box(ing skills)

Most girls swoon when they hear me croon about how much I love their tasty cakes


Why did you smack me?

I just said I'm attracted to everything that isn't your face


You detached my retinas

Some girls give head but you give head injuries

I found another lady

This is Sandy, she supports me

She's tall, solid, firm and tough

Gives me no guff, her love is everlasting

Come on let's go Sandy

I can't ever get her to leave the gym

I'm in love with this white girl too

She's always hot, wet and in the mood

Dries my tears when I'm feeling blue

But she smells kinda funky

And I can always replace you

I've got this bird that models swimsuits

Every day I pick her up and we go screw

She's got such a hard body


You've completely lost your damn mind


I'm okay I can manage

A E I O U sometimes Y

See, my dain isn't bramaged


Wait let me give something a try


Why's this mannequin on me?

Wait I think you fixed my brain

It feels brand new

I'm in love with the whole of you

Get it? The whole of you

The hole of you



Yeah, you're better

I'm an actor, not your boo

Wasn't paid to take your abuse

Let's get the last scene of this shoot


What is it? I've forgotten


You have to fight that sumo dude


Who came up with this concept?




What the hell does any of this have to do

With a song called The Shape of You?



Ed Sheeran - Shape of You PARODY! The Key of Awesome 117

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You PARODY! The Key of Awesome 117