This is the 11th song in the Key of Unplugged series.


Just stop your crying we got Harry Styles...or at least the guy who plays him. Ryan Russell joins us for an acoustic style Harry Styles jam.


I come out here to be alone sometimes
But I bring a camera crew
To film me looking sad and cute

If I concentrate I believe I can fly
Like R. Kelly Buzz Lightyear
I am pretty buzzed

I drank a couple cases of Red Bull
They didn't give me wings those commercials are bullshit
Red Bullshit
I thought my feet would never touch the floor
Once I cut ties with the other four boy band mates
Such dead weight

What do you mean this sounds derivative?
I don't know what that word is
I'm 'bout to spit some future shit
Sgt. Pepper, help, get back a ticket to ride
Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man
Ziggy Stardust, Fame, Let's Dance
Let's dance!

My album cover is my sexy back
Since I'm the Justin one I'll cover that
This just in... I'm Justin

Now that I'm up here I feel kind of bored
Does anyone need something from the store?
Or fishes?
I'm Jesus

Key of Awesome audience is wonderin' why
We'd make a Harry parody
Without the guy who plays Harry
They don't wanna see my face it's old and tired
So we called up Ryan Russell
He's gonna do a fashion show

What did you call me out to Brooklyn for?

Just stand right there and be adorkable and work it for the kids

Grab a guitar this is too awkward
Don't worry homie it's a simple chord progression...

Zayn is always high
But Harry can fly
Mary Poppins style

How does Harry float?
On pure charm he coasts
Let's try some high notes

This part may be too freakin' high
My vocal chords will soon be fried
That looks like a shot from Twilight

I even tuned down a half step
But I'm still runnin' out of breath
Harry has got talent I guess


Harry Styles "Sign of the Times" PARODY! KOA Unplugged

Harry Styles "Sign of the Times" PARODY! KOA Unplugged