This is the 10th song in the Key of Awesome series.

Description Edit

Justin Bieber! He's gonna rock your body...if he's not grounded.

Lyrics Edit


Alright let's do this y'all

I am adorable (so precious)

I'm a tween sensation (girl screams)

People think its cute when I'm in adult situations.

I'm wanna rock your body

Girl you know I ain't playing

Someone wrote this song for me so I'm not sure what I'm saying

I've seen many different girls

And I've seen their second bases

But you're nothing like those girls

You don't have zits or braces

I'm so glad its finally you and me and we are all alone

Except my dad who's over there cause he's the chaperone

I wont try to pressure you, 'cause I'm willing to wait

And I won't try to touch your boobies on the first date

I'll take you out to Chuck-E-Cheese

And then a Pixar movie

And then maybe later you could just let me see your boobies

Zero times one equals none

You plus me equals fun

Kittens, and puppies, and chubby cheeks

Is my cuteness starting to make you weak?

I am adorable (so freaking cute)

Can't resist my advances

I've got Carol Brady hair and I know all of Ushers dances

Let's go to my dads car and make the windows steam

I really hope that sounded cool 'cause I don't know what it means

Most of other boys will play you for a fool

I made you this macaroni necklace today at school

I know how please you 'cause I can do sex good

I learned about it in a Playboy that I found in the woods

The square root of 1600 is 40

Don't you wanna be my shortie?

When I first saw you I was astounded I'll love you tonight if I'm not grounded


(Spoken) You're definitely grounded


I am adorable (It's almost disgusting)


Stop singing that song!

My son sings like a little girl

I don't know where I went wrong


I wanna sleep on you


That doesn't make sense and you're being creepy


Whoa! It's almost nine o'clock

I'm getting kind of sleepy