This is the 92nd song in the Key of Awesome series.

Description Edit

What's All About That Bass all about? Watch and find out! 

Cast Edit

  • Rachel McPhee - Meghan Trainor
  • Michael Birch - Record Company Member 1
  • Beth Hoyt - Record Company Member 2
  • Greg Murtha - Record Company Member 3
  • Brittany Nicholas - Dancer 1
  • Naomi Walley - Dancer 2
  • Paige Grimmard - Dancer 3
  • Noah Gouldsmith - Dancer 4
  • Diosmer Reynoso - Dancer 5
  • Tatiana Owens - Dancer 6

Lyrics Edit


Because you know I got a sinus ache in my face

Nose trouble

Don't wanna go to space, go to space

No Hubble

I like a shaven face, shave that face

No stubble

Just sayin' random things from my brain

Yeah it's pretty clear that I got writer's block

It's drivin' me insane

Feel like a cuckoo clock

I'm fishin' for a hook, just somethin' basic

What should I sing on top of this bass riff?

I need a goofy phrase that I can base this on

That will appeal to kids as well as soccer moms

I said I could write singles

They called my bluff

Now excuse me for a jiffy while I make some pop hits up

Cuz my bang bang boom clap

Anaconda's gotta stay high

Cuz your trumpets were rude



Maroon 5


I think I like it

But that's not quite it


There aren't enough songs out right now about big behinds


True dat dat


Gonna cover my bases and make up one about mine


Yeah you should do dat


Because you know I ain't no skinny waif

I'm not shaped like Urkel

I got handles for love like a Dove commercial

I got a plus-sized butt, that's what's up

Dos bubbles

I got a sexy shape like a bass


You know I'm all about that bass, bout that bass

No treble

Just don't end up obese, that creates heart trouble

But have a piece of cake, that's okay

Don't shovel

And that was how I made Bout dat Bass


I love it, sounds like a hit to me

Especially that bit about the bass and the treble

Cut everything but that


Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass PARODY! Key of Awesome 92

Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass PARODY! Key of Awesome 92