This is the 3rd song in the Key of Unplugged series.

Description Edit

Meghan Trainor's kind of a jerk now...

Lyrics Edit


Who appropriates just to seem legit?

That's me! I say dat and dis

Is dis irony? Is it really me?

Hm, who cares?

I still get royalties

I dress like a child everyday

Like some pervy giraffe cosplay

And I can't stop scratching myself

This giraffe suit itches like Hell

Oh well

If I was you, I'd wanna learn kung fu

And kick out my front tooth

This chorus is doo doo

This is my boo, she's an idiot too

She gets paid just to do the dumb dances I do

This single is obnoxious

The bass line makes me nauseous

I wish that I could stop this

I want to do doo wop hits

My life is like a movie

But not one you want to see

As bad as Mighty Ducks 3 if you take out the hockey

I thank God everyday

That most people have crappy taste

And you all should think my life's great

If you don't you can kiss my bass

That's my butt

If I was toy, I would hate my life too

I'd have to order food off the dollar menu

If I was you, I'd be getting real pissed

Cause I'd be getting dissed

Who would listen to this?

Sing like chipmunks

Fill the space up

Tony Danza

I spank Bob everyday

It's his job to do what I say

Cause he is my personal bitch

And I make him do party tricks

Like this...

If I was you, I'd take off my left shoe

I'd smell it and go, "Ew"

And then go eat some glue

If I was you, I would drink this shampoo

And get a boob tattoo of Winnie the Pooh

If I was you, I would think deja vu

Did she already do something just like this tune?

Oh... sorry, no

That's LMFAO

And how did that song go?

Oh, I know


I'm sexy and I know it


Ah, f***!


Me Too PARODY! The Key of Awesome UNPLUGGED!

Me Too PARODY! The Key of Awesome UNPLUGGED!