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"Heavy Metal Cats! Kittens! Are you obsessed with LOL cats and I Can Has Cheezburger? Do you watch funny cat videos incessantly? Then this video is for you! Metallica + Cats = MetalliCats!" - Description bar on Youtube


A lady leaves her work early. She says that she is sick, but that's not true. Actually she is racing home to get her "fix".

It started as a way to get rid of all the stress, but now it has become an obsession. The lady is obsessed with kittens on the web. Actually she is so obsessed that she can't stop.

Her obssesion is going on and her friends hate that she keeps sending annoying links of cats. The cats have become her owner. As the song goes on the lady is seen in her house. She has been fired from her job.

All of her furnitures are gone, the only things she has left is har computer, a cellphone, catposters, Pringles and a Garfield sweatshirt. Even her mom is pissed, she believes that her daugther will never find a man and that she thinks "the Ninja Cat" is her boyfriend.

Now she is going crazy, the cats from the screen are trying to pull her into their world. She finds a paperclip, uses it to shut down the computer and is killed by an electric shock from the computer.

the last thing seen is a cat in a shirt playing the piano


Mark Douglas as Guitar Guy


Vocals: Mark Douglas

Guitar: Mark Douglas

Drums: Jake Chudnow

Bass: Jake Chudnow

Songwriter: Mark Douglas

Director: Tom Small

Editor: Tom Small


The video is made for the Youtube channel Barely Political. It is the first episode of the first season.

The video takes 3.02 minutes. It was released the 18/10/09. The video has over 20.500 likes, over 1.000 dislikes and almost 4.000.000 views.

The song is also called Kittens On the Web.