Behind the scenes of how Mark, Jake, and Tom created "Kittens On The Web", the first in the new series "The Key Of Awesome". - Description bar on Youtube


Mark Douglas is looking on some of his CDs and is going trough who of the bands he has not spoofed yet.

This time it was Metallica's turn, and it was going to be about kittens. He is playing a little on his guitar and finds some good dark notes to play.

Then we see Mark at something called Penny's Open Mic in New York. He plays and sings the lines "KITTENS ON THE WEB, YOU WACTH THEM, UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD" the song, and everybody is laughing.

Then we see Mark in his own apartment, with a box full of "recording junk" and he show us a Line 6 Toneport UX2 and tells how it works.

Then we cut to Mark asking us to give him some ideas for what hes going to do next.

We cut back to the apartment and Mark is going to do the vocals in his bedroom under a blanket.

Then we see Mark going out of his apartment in Queens, throwing out some trash and heading over to Jake Chudnow (the drummer and bass player guy)

And then we cut to Mark showing us the NextNewNetworks studio and Mark in his Metallica Guitar Man costume making the video with director and editor Tom Small


The video is made for the Youtube channel Barelypolitical. It is the second episode (1b) of the first season.

The video takes 3.30 minutes. It was released the 19/10/09. The video has over 2.000 likes, over 100 dislikes and over 35.000 views.