This is the 108th song in the Key of Awesome series.

Description Edit

Rihanna is gonna make Drake "work work work" for it!

Lyrics Edit


Twerk in fishnet skirts

I just made every jerk in here go squirt

The mirror is me favourite dance partner

Drake follows me around like a Schnauzer

Hey "Wheelchair Jimmy" go and fetch my purse

And run these errands while I spit the verse

(Spoken) Take ya time, Drake!

White people be trippin'


I don't get it


This song has got dem wishin' they had a RiRi dictionary


Siri, translate RiRi


Cause other languages are scary

This song was hated more than Isis

'Til it was covered by some white chicks

They bleached out everything that was Jamaican

Took it to Kansas and made it Caucasian

This is my voice, it is not an affectation

When in da club, be aware of dehydration

All of this "workin" got me feelin' dizzy

Something's funny with my drink

Someone slipped me a Cosby

Sorry I was just kidding

What? Too soon?

Let's go back to the chorus of the song

It's just me goin' work work work work work work

Some people said it was jibber jabber

But you don't see me coming to your work to tell you how to do expense reperts

I know my bouncing butt makes you butthurt

But I just beat Michael Jackson's record


Yeah, okay

You need Drake to make up some dumb sing song solo

You are why I'm always moanin'

Everybody else is bonin'

Why can't I sleep on you?

Papa Smurf's balls couldn't be more blue

If you had a clone I would phone her too

Why do all your outfits gotta be see through?

Now I know you said when I was done running errands we'd cuddle

I went every place you sent me

Got your chicken nuggets from Wendy's

Ohh... yeah...

I spilled half of your drink in the car

I'm sorry

Soda rollin' rollin' all over

They shoulda given me a bigger cup holder

I went on your wild goose chase

Now you need to sit on my... lap

Drake wants a piece of "cake"


Sorry not tonight




I gotta get up early for work

The early bird catches all the earworms

If I'm late my boss will go beserk

I am my own boss but I am a jerk

So maybe we could meet next week for lunch

Wait I got a doctor's appointment

Not this year...

Too much work work work work

What's in here?

Ermahgerd Gersberms! Mah frahvrit berks


Rihanna ft

Rihanna ft. Drake - Work PARODY! The Key of Awesome 108