This is the 125th song in the Key of Awesome series.

Description Edit

We parodied Taylor Swift again in the hopes one day she’ll get mad enough to write a song about us. Let’s see if this one does the trick!

Cast Edit


  • Kelly Aston - Taylor Swift
  • Paige Grimard - Katy Perry
  • Noah Gouldsmith - Dancer #1
  • Chris Matesevac - Dancer #2


  • Tatiana Owens - Taylor Swift

Lyrics Edit

I'm not actually that mad
Our blood is not that bad
But it pays to exaggerate these petty high school feuds

You remember that one time
You cut in the lunch line?
No? Well neither do I
But I need to be pissed at you

I'm merciless but on the surface I act so demure
Time to admit I'm a pop music Cersei Lannister
Screw Katy Perry
I was barely ever friends with her
Got a pot that I love to stir

I don't think about you
That's why I wrote this tune
And made an epic video to show you I'm aloof
All of the things I do are calculated moves
That's why I'll never ever ever date non-famous dudes

You stole dancers from me
Who were yours originally
I wrote songs when I was 15 that had more maturity

Than this

It's hard to keep a straight face when I say I don't love drama
Don't touch my ass cause I'll sue your ass and I'll take your dolla
Oh yeah you made this bish famous or so you claim
Don't know what you made but I made you insane

When I ask for a diet coke I want it with a lime
And don't make eye contact with me or you could lose an eye
I got my bitch pants on and I must say they fit me fine
Piss me off
Cause I need more rhymes

My new assistant June
You would think she was two
Last week this dipshit brought me miso soup without a spoon
I'm just playing with you
Your crying face is eww
Wipe off that snot before it drips on my new Jimmy Choo's

Why did my assistant try to sabotage me?
Unless she's secretly working for Katy
My shit list has gotten longer than War and Peace
My friend list is a post it note that says "Me"
Who would like to join me for an after shoot drink?

Oooh, my grandma died, ummm

I need 12 hours of sleep

You have all inspired my upcoming LP


It's about every piece of shit that crossed me

I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't crumb to the
Ah, shoot
I'm sorry, the phone Taylor can't crumb to the
Ahh! Why do I keep saying crumb?
Third time's a charm
I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't

Excuse me, I got a delivery for a Taylor Swift?

(Taylor screams)

Look what you made me do

Crap! Well now I'm all alone
Who will pick up the phone?
And help me choose my next target to musically bemoan
My writing partner fled
I'll steal from Right Said Fred
I bet those one hit wonders aren't too sexy for a check

Video Edit

Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" PARODY! The Key of Awesome -125

Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" PARODY! The Key of Awesome -125