"Where my witches at??" - Description bar on Youtube


Two adults are going out trick or treating on Halloween, they are going down the street, one dressed as a Ninja Turtle and one as a Power Ranger.

They are taking the day very seriously and they will anything to get some candy, they are obsessed by candy.

They go to a house and rings the bell, nobody is answering, they go beserk, smashes all of the pumpkins and leaves a flaming bag of doggy poo by the door.

They open the door, pull out a frightened man and start beating him with Toblerone.

Suddenly The Pumpkin King's Spirit appears and he is pissed on the adults because they are destroying Halloween. The Ninja Turtle tries to become friends with him and gives him an apple. He accepts and eats the apple.

But it was a razor-apple so he falls down and screams in pain. The two adults are happy and looking at the camera, when the Pumpkin is rising behind them and smashes their heads together.


Mark Douglas as Power Ranger

Erik Beck as Ninja Turtle

Mike as Frightened Man

Jake Chudnow as The Pumpkin King's Spirit


Vocals: Mark Douglas and Erik Beck

Guitar: Mark Douglas

Drums: Jake Chudnow

Bass: Jake Chudnow

Songwriter: Mark Douglas and Erik Beck

Director: Tom Small

Editor: Tom Small


The video is made for the Youtube channel Barelypolitical. It is video episode 3 in the first season.

The video takes 2.23 minutes. It was released in 25/10/09. The video has almost 17.000 likes, almost 600 dislikes and almost 4.000.000 views.